Milkio Grass Fed Cow Ghee 700ml

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Milkio Cow Ghee contains not less than 99.6% fat and not more than 0.4% moisture. It offers a creamy texture, nutty taste, and pleasantly rich caramelized aroma. It is excellent for cooking, baking, sautéing, seasoning, or daily diet.

All natural
Rich in healthy fat and fat-soluble vitamins essential for the human body
Long shelf life at ambient condition, can be stored without refrigeration for 18 months
Free from any additives and preservatives
Suitable for individuals suffering from lactose and casein intolerance
Suitable for Keto and Paleo diet
Suitable for vegetarians
Non-GMO Project Verified

Great for high-temperature cooking with a higher smoke point of 485°F

Suitable for grilling meat, roasting veggies, adding to salads, or seasoning your favorite dish to bring more taste and aroma

Delicious as a spread on your morning toasts. It is a lactose-free alternative to butter.

Great in morning coffee/ smoothies for a high-energy drink